The Best Non Alcoholic Beers for Diabetics

It often takes careful planning to ensure a low carbohydrate diet, especially for beer lovers.  Stouts, porters, heavy IPA’s and many other traditional beer styles contain upwards 12 grams of carbs per 12 ounce serving. Therefore, when it comes to carbs, light beers are seen as the savior nowadays. But, for those of us abstaining (or drastically cutting back on our alcohol intake) it’s important to remember that these light beers still, unfortunately, contain alcohol.

Whether you’re following a diabetic, keto or paleo diet, there are non alcoholic beers that can fit into your low(er) sugar lifestyle. Here are the best non alcoholic beers for diabetics and anyone interested in living a low-carb alcohol free life.

Suntory All-Free

1 carbohydrate; 0 calories; 0.0% ABV

Light bubbles and aroma come together to create a crisp, session-able and satisfying flavor. Natural mineral water, two-row barley malt, aroma hops brings All-Free to life. Pair this the same way you would wine or sake, be free and go for it!

Gruvi Sour Weiss

5 carbohydrates; 26 calories; < 0.5% ABV

This is the Gruvi take on a classic Berliner Weisse, a style that dates back to 16th century Germany. This lighter style is reminiscent of a tart, citrus wheat beer with plenty of lemon and grapefruit. It goes great with funky, somewhat salty cheeses like grueyre and epoisses.

Coors Edge

8 carbohydrates; 41 calories; < 0.5% ABV

A non-alcoholic beer that doesn’t lose it’s “Edge”.  In the true Coors tradition, this NA American-style golden lager is double-brewed and delivers the classic taste Coors is so well known for. Hints of pome fruit (pear) and subtle citrus and light hops are on the nose.

Budweiser Zero

11.5 carbohydrates; 50 calories; 0.0% ABV

Brewed with two and six-row barley malt , fresh verdant rice, aromatic hops and filtered water come together to create this extension of a classic. The sleekness of the grey, white and black can makes it truly stand out against more traditional Budweiser brews — with a taste that’s extremely clean on the finish.

Gruvi Stout

12 carbohydrates; 45 calories; < 0.5% ABV

Gruvi starts off their stout with abbey malt that is known for its mild nuttiness and notes of honey. Then they add roasted barley and chocolate malt, and brew it into a dry, full bodied, non-alcoholic stout. This is a dark ale with hints of toasted malt, along with mild oat and coffee notes. Try this non alcoholic brew paired with a warm brownie and you’re sure to drool!

Athletic Upside Dawn Golden

12 carbohydrates; 50 calories; < 0.5% ABV

Light floral and earthy notes on the nose introduce you to this delightfully crafted golden ale. It’s refreshing, clean, balanced, exceptionally light-bodied but still retains some a traditional beer’s hoppy bitterness.

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher**

0 carbohydrates; 0 calories; 0.0% ABV

This is an IPA-inspired sparkling alternative, so not quite made in the image of traditional beer (but too good to leave off the list). It’s full of Citra, Equinox, and Centennial hops to give that crave-able hoppy flavor.

Non Alcoholic Kiwi Refresher



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